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China's historical victory in poverty alleviation

Since 2012, China has produced a remarkable effect that led to a complete victory in eradicating poverty. China's President Xi Jinping announced China's eradication of extreme poverty at a national commendation conference held in Beijing on Thursday ( Feb 25th, 2021). Absolute poverty has been eradicated in the world’s most populous country, to mark the country’s accomplishments in poverty alleviation and honor its model poverty fighters. China has a population of around 1.4 billion and all poor people in rural areas have been lifted out of poverty. The study of China's systemic poverty alleviation is a must needed research study area for researchers and students. Poverty alleviation - lessons from China :  China’s poverty alleviation achievements and experience have two significant periods,  the period of poverty reduction through development and that of targeted poverty reduction. In the early stages, the poverty reduction in China was driven by economic growth for a long

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