First China-South Asia cooperation forum 2018

"First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF) , Das Bikashkali ,PICFA
"First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF), Das Bikashkali, PICFA

The "First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF) was held on June 14, 2018, at Fuxian Lake, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province of China. 

Theme: “Closer Regional Cooperation for Inclusive Development”. 

CSACF was held in parallel with the fifth "China-South Asia Expo", the forum featured a theme of "boosting closer regional cooperation for inclusive development." It included an exhibition on poverty reduction, dialogues between local leaders from China and South Asia, a high-level roundtable meeting for economic and trade cooperation, and a seminar on financial cooperation and development strategy. 

The Forum was attended by the Indian Consul-General in Guangzhou, Mr. Sailas Thangal, Indian Business and corporate CEOs from China, INTACH, and representatives of Pondicherry India-China friendship association Mrs. Radha Srinivasagopalan and Dr. Das Bikash Kali.

"First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF), Das Bikashkali, PICFA

The forum exclusively focused to share experiences in poverty reduction experiments, cooperations, dialogues between regional governments of the various countries, and collaboration on development. China-South Asia Cooperation forum looks towards the south of Asia. India also was part of the forum. Yunnan is ideally located geographically to be China's gateway to South Asia. Kunming is China's nodal city for the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor. The secretariat for the BCIM in China is located in Kunming. Nearly 400 participants attended the two-day event, including senior officials from China, South Asian countries, Southeast Asian countries as well as representatives from various international organizations. The forum's discussion topics revolved on closer cooperation in terms of interconnectivity, business, poverty reduction, finance, and people-to-people exchanges. 

"First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF), Das Bikashkali, PICFA
"First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum" (CSACF)

Mrs. Radha Srinivasagopalan, President of Pondicherry India-China friendship association participated in the inauguration ceremony of the "First China-South Asia Cooperation Forum".

Pondicherry India-China friendship association "PICFA" was the only Non-Governmental organization from India invited from the office of the Foreign affairs of Dali Prefecture to participate in the event. Mrs. Radha Srinivasagopalan and Dr. Das Bikash Kali participated and shared their views on poverty reduction during one of the forum's events. 

PICFA is working in the field of promoting friendly cooperation between Dali city and Pondicherry. 



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