China's historical victory in poverty alleviation

China's historical victory in poverty alleviation by Das Bikash Kali

Since 2012, China has produced a remarkable effect that led to a complete victory in eradicating poverty. China's President Xi Jinping announced China's eradication of extreme poverty at a national commendation conference held in Beijing on Thursday ( Feb 25th, 2021). Absolute poverty has been eradicated in the world’s most populous country, to mark the country’s accomplishments in poverty alleviation and honor its model poverty fighters. China has a population of around 1.4 billion and all poor people in rural areas have been lifted out of poverty. The study of China's systemic poverty alleviation is a must needed research study area for researchers and students.

China's historical victory in poverty alleviation by Das Bikash Kali
Poverty alleviation - lessons from China : 
China’s poverty alleviation achievements and experience have two significant periods,  the period of poverty reduction through development and that of targeted poverty reduction. In the early stages, the poverty reduction in China was driven by economic growth for a long time, and in the later stage, targeted poverty reduction came into being. Targeted poverty alleviation is an addition to poverty reduction through development which played a crucial role. China's Poverty alleviation through development is driven by agriculture and industrialization and led by the state, with a clear plan and goal, mainly aiming at the rural areas. The innovation of targeted poverty reduction is reflected in the following: resource-raising mechanism for poverty alleviation, registration mechanism for identifying poor households, policy implementation for ensuring poverty alleviation effects, innovative ways of poverty alleviation; and independent third-party assessment to ensure the quality of poverty alleviation. Since the launch of the reform and opening up by China, in the late 1970s, 770 million impoverished rural residents have shaken off poverty when calculated according to China’s current poverty line.
China's historical victory in poverty alleviation by Das Bikash Kali

The following four approaches are proposed in light of international experience in combining development approaches and social protection. 
  • Defining an integrated strategy for eliminating absolute rural poverty through a rapid economic transformation. 
  • Developing rural areas 
  • A cooperative approach to understanding and addressing multidimensional poverty. 
  • Bottom-up initiatives to mobilize the social groups and enhance their sense of ownership and benefits from development. 
Possible cooperation among Asian countries: 
  • Cooperative research 
  • Innovative cooperation areas 
  • Innovative poverty reduction policy cooperation 
  • Innovative cooperation on poverty reduction practice and human resources training 
  • Setting up a network or conducting sequential research and releasing reports on a platform
  • Strengthening cooperation between poverty reduction practices and rating agencies

An example of the Importance of China's Social governance model in Poverty alleviation: 
China's poverty alleviation efforts have enjoyed political support from the highest levels of government since the Deng Xiaoping era.

China's historical victory in poverty alleviation by Das Bikash Kali
Dr. Das Bikashkali with Yu Village leader Mr. Bào Xīnmín 鲍新民
Two mountains concept. In Yu village of Anji county (Zhejiang Province ), the concept of two mountains theory was coined by President Xi, stating that " Lucid waters and lush mountains" are invaluable assets. The Yu village enacted an innovative economic development strategy in line with green development and environmental protection. The Yu village closed several mines and cement plants and promoted scenic spots and eco-tourism businesses. China's social governance model played a major role in eradicating poverty and a better life for its peoples.

China's historical victory in poverty alleviation by Das Bikash Kali
village elders of Yu village of Anji county (Zhejiang Province )


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