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“Pondicherry India China Friendship Association ” #PICFA, is a cross-cultural friendship organization, established to promote culture, education, trade, and tourism between India and China. 本地治里印中友好组织 是一家跨文化友谊组织,旨在促进印度和中国之间的文化,教育,贸易和旅游.

#PondicherryIndiaChinaFriendshipAssociation #PICFA #IndiaChina #ChinaIndia

Culture provides important social and economic benefits, with improved learning, health, increased tolerance, and opportunities to come together as a team. Culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities.




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Pondicherry India China friendship association is a social, educational, and cultural organization
formed to establish and promote friendship, cooperation, and collaboration between India and China
both at the Government level and Citizen level in the fields of culture, education, Industrial development, International relations.

1. To establish people-to-people contact, enhance mutual understanding and trust. Develop
the friendship between the peoples of Indian and China by organizing the exchange of visits of
delegations, commemorative activities, hosting exchange activities like seminars, workshops,

2. To promote people to people cultural exchanges with the people of China by organizing cultural
programs, sending or hosting cultural groups and personalities, Heritage tours, Youth camps
retreats with Yoga and Taichi, etc. programs and training, commemorative activities, exhibitions
seminars, training, etc. in Indian and Chinese art and culture and enhance the same.

3. To assist and arrange cooperation between India and China in the fields of healthcare, cross
culture healing, and traditional medical practice, Yoga and Taichi.

4. To promote cooperation between the countries, both at Government and individual levels in the
fields of science ad technology, human resource development, and other areas for the common
development of both countries and the public at large.

5. To establish and develop friendship city relations between the cities, villages, local bodies,
provinces, etc. Of the two countries especially between Pondicherry and counterparts in China
and facilitate and arrange collaboration for assistance, partnerships, joint ventures, project
implementation, research, etc. In the fields of education, science, culture, communication,
health, hygiene, environment protection, industrial development, infrastructure development,
the socio-economic and overall welfare of the people of the friendship cities.

6. To facilitate and arrange collaboration between Provinces, states, cities, villages, local bodies,
Government departments, etc. In China and Indian industries, service providers, and other
business and non-business entities, etc. For assistance, partnerships, joint ventures, etc. For the
development of Industry, IT, travel, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, hygiene, research
environment protection, industrial and infrastructural development, Human resource
development, etc.

7. To facilitate and arrange collaboration between Universities, colleges, educational institutions,
technical and medical colleges, hospitals, etc. Organizing seminars, conferences, retreats,
symposiums, training programs, workshops, camps, dialogues, lecture series, discourse, debates,
and conduct meetings for sponsors, etc. And to compile, collate, edit and publish technical
reports and papers related to the objects of the association. To facilitate and arrange
collaboration between Universities, colleges, educational institutions, technical and medical
colleges, hospitals, etc. In India and China for assistance partnerships, joint ventures, etc. In the
fields of education, science, healthcare, traditional medicine, culture and art, tourism,
architecture, IT, communication, research, etc. Using innovative technologies of e-learning, /m

8. To assist Indian students and aspirants in getting admission to Chinese universities, colleges,
educational institutions, etc. And also Chinese students in Indian Universities, colleges,
educational institutions, etc. By providing consultation, advice, counseling, coaching and
required training, etc., and arranging for admission entrance tests, interviews, counseling, etc.

9. To facilitate and organize events for creating documentaries, movies, tv serials, and cross
cultural communication between India and China.

10.To facilitate and arrange collaborations between local industries, service providers, and other
business entities, especially artisans and cottage industries of both countries to improve the
the manufacturing process and to explore new markets for their handicrafts and other products.

11.To facilitate and arrange events, exhibitions, fairs, workshops, etc to develop export-import trade
between India and China.

12.To grant scholarships, loan, or loans of any other kind of assistance to encourage and to give help
in all possible ways to students, children, and adults for pursuing studies.

13.To establish, start, build, construct, run, maintain, manage and take over all types of schools,
colleges, tuition centers, study centers, and all types of educations, professional, technical,
vocational, institutions of any description whatsoever.

14.To establish, administer, maintain and manage libraries, reading rooms tuition centers, study
centers, and recreational centers.

15.To conduct medical camps, medical screening programs, blood donation camps, eye donation
camps, etc. In rural and urban areas.

16.To print and publish and to sell and distribute gratuitously or otherwise, journals, periodicals,
books or leaflets or other publications for the promotion of the ideals of the objects of the
association and of general public utility.

#PondicherryIndiaChinaFriendshipAssociation #PICFA #IndiaChina #ChinaIndia

keywords - #PondicherryIndiaChinaFriendshipAssociation #PICFA #IndiaChina #ChinaIndia 

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